Why Freelance plays a greater role than ever? 

Surely, the industry is unlikely to transform overnight. But the pressure, the current disrupting pandemic has been putting on retail and wholesale fashion, has shown us an urgent need for better, for real value and more flexibility, in a system that has been challenged for years.

In the future, companies will have to be very agile when allocating their resources. Companies working with freelancers lower the risk of big financial commitments like the salary risk of hiring full-time employees during uncertain times. Freelance means freedom, and the concept lends itself to more creativity – more corporate creativity.

Growing talent

I started out in fashion, building and managing a succesful 400 square meter two stories tall fashion store, almost a tiny department store, downtown central Copenhagen. 

In the early 10’s I moved on to a position as Head of design for a fashion company with 14 designers, servicing some of the most influential clients and brands in fashion today; Inditex, Bestseller, Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, Universal etc.

Later I’ve enjoyed a position as Head of brand and marketing for a brand house, an interior business with 12 interior brands to position and manage.

Creative studio

Today I run a creative studio in Vejle, Denmark, where I continuously grow and evolve a portfolio that covers fashion design, interior design, graphic design, illustration, 3D design, trend forecast and concept development. Where network, skilled talent, innovative techniques, modern design and a strong sense of business blends together in visual storytelling focused on customer preference, useful durable products and curated ranges.