Growing talent

I started out in fashion, building and managing a succesful 400 square meter two stories tall fashion store, almost a tiny department store, downtown central Copenhagen. 

In the early 10’s I moved on to a position as Head of design for a fashion company with 14 designers, servicing some of the most influential clients and brands in fashion today; Inditex, Bestseller, Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, Universal etc.

Later I’ve enjoyed a position as Head of brand and marketing for a brand house, an interior business with 12 interior brands to position and manage.

Creative studio

Today I run a creative studio in Vejle, Denmark, where I continuously grow and evolve a portfolio that covers fashion design, interior design, graphic design, illustration, 3D design, trend forecast and concept development. Where network, skilled talent, innovative techniques, modern design and a strong sense of business blends together in visual storytelling focused on customer preference, useful durable products and curated ranges.